Planning for the 2024 Eclipse

I’ve been pondering something recently. What will I be doing and thinking about during my 2024 Eclipse experience on April 8, 2024?

Those of you that know me, know that I’m a thinker and a planner.  I was fearful of the 1979 eclipse. All I could think of was staying inside to protect my eyes and not go blind. Today, with more wisdom and knowledge I am really looking forward to the eclipse! I am thinking about the actual experience and the future.


This may be a good day to take a few minutes to come to a full stop and learn something new about our environment, focus on self-care, health status, well-being, goal setting, and overall quality of life.


Here is what I’ll be doing leading up to, during and after the eclipse:




  1. I’ll be wearing my special glasses for sure!
  2. I will look for and note any atmospheric or weather change(s) and see if the temperature drops, the wind blows stronger, and if the birds stop chirping, etc.
  3. My goal is to just stop and see the Universe at work during this limited “glimpse-of-totality”, whatever that may be at my location.
  4. I want to see how the eclipse hits my soul and if I experience something new. I will evaluate how it feels in my mind, body and soul. Will I feel any spiritual feelings, emotions, new physical sensations, and/or renewed motivation? I suspect just the moment of being underneath the eclipse as a human being will be inspiring. What I will realistically see and feel, is unknown at this point.
  5. I am learning about this cool opportunity to witness the science behind how our sun, moon and earth all work together in this astrological, celestial and rare moment in our lifetime. I have been doing some extra reading. I hope to see the mystery and majesty of our universe doing “its thing” for myself.
  6. I also plan to think about and reflect upon my tiny little role in the universe. As a human speck living and breathing on earth, working so hard every day at a job I love doing (day in and day out 24/7) with sometimes little-to-no appreciation, I wonder if it is all worth the effort?  It reminds me of the song lyric – “What’s it all about, Alfie”?  I may put in my ear pods and listen to that song Alfie, while watching the eclipse. LOL!
  7. I plan to marvel at the reminder of the magnitude of our phenomenal universe and solar system that we live and work in. This all is so miraculous!
  8. I’m going to take this time to appreciate and be grateful for what our planet, the sun, and moon do day-in-and-day-out without fail.
  9. I’ll be wearing a red or green colored shirt to see if the eclipse affects color. I read somewhere that colors may change appearance especially when viewing one of these two colors.
  10. I plan to listen to another one of my favorite songs that comes to mind – “Moonshadow” by Cat Stevens.
  11. I will remind myself that self-care is so important for my quality of life.


12. This is a great time for us all to stop and reevaluate our goals, aspirations, and dreams too.


13. There are so many people currently suffering from physical and mental health issues in our world.  It’s a good time to be kind and spread kindness throughout our planet.


If I see the eclipse or not, I’ll be thinking about goal setting, well-being, kindness, and quality of life. I plan to personally keep moving forward in the right direction (for me) and fulfilling my purpose and goals on Earth for many years.


I am going to keep doing what I do, because I get self-satisfaction and joy in each day.


So that’s what I’ll be doing and thinking about during this time. How about you?


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Posted: April 7, 2024

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