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Time to Focus on Self-Care

We have all been through quite a lot throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and many of us have learned a lot about our own habits and the activities of others. Maintaining good health and adopting positive behaviors that promote wellbeing are very important to a healthy and satisfying life.

Here are 10 considerations to keep in mind when engaging in your own self-care.
  1. Decrease your stress level as able. Reading, meditating, gardening, and other activities that you enjoy can help to decrease the stress of daily living.
  2. Keep important paperwork organized. Declutter on a regular basis. Collecting stuff can become overwhelming and can cause stress.  I had a participant who shared that she missed a cruise because she couldn’t find her passport which was buried in piles of paperwork.
  3. Exercise regularly. Find exercises and a routine that you enjoy and can be sustained over time.  Avoid being sedentary. An accountability partner really can help you stick with your goals.
  4. Get outside and absorb some Vitamin D. Enjoy the outdoors. Take time to clear your mind while enjoying nature and our beautiful Florida climate.
  5. Healthy eating may help to reduce the incidence of chronic disease. Follow MyPlate guidelines and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.  Limit high fat and high sugar food and beverage choices. Stay hydrated and drink adequate amounts of water to prevent dehydration.
  6. Cook food to the proper temperature to avoid a potential food borne illness. Know the correct and recommended internal temperature of cooked foods.
  7. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. This has been highlighted throughout the pandemic, but this is a long-standing practice we should all be engaging in every day.
  8. Get regular checkups with your health care provider and see your dentist regularly to maintain good dental hygiene.
  9. Get adequate sleep each night. The importance of sleep cannot be overlooked. Strive for the recommended hours of sleep nightly.
  10. Be kind. Kindness matters in our world. Practice random acts of kindness, as able. If you know an elderly person that may be lonely and in need, try to spend some quality time with them. Pay it forward when you can. You will reap the benefits and the feeling of self-satisfaction knowing you helped another human in need.

Focus on positive behaviors.  Choose one to focus on until it becomes a habit and then choose another self-care priority.

3 Comments on “Time to Focus on Self-Care

  1. Great helpful tips to keep us on track

    • Thank you for your comment! I appreciate your feedback.

  2. When adopting these recommendations, one ensures to elongate the body’s biological age over the chronological age. In addition to regular exercise one have to be attentive to the intensity of the exercises adopted, as well as the risk of injury, and joins failure due to repetitive impact.
    Superb blog!