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“Roundup®” License- Is it For You?

Landscape professionals and homeowners alike should be aware that the State of Florida requires a license in order to apply any pesticide (including herbicides such as Roundup®) as part of a landscape business.

The Limited Commercial Maintenance License

The Limited Commercial Landscape Maintenance license is a common license for businesses that mow lawns and maintain grounds around buildings for hire. Often the word pesticide invokes the idea of insecticides, however the U.S. EPA considers any product designed to control a pest (such as a weed) a pesticide and requires products to be tested and labeled.

Core Manual

Applying Pesticides Correctly is one of the study materials for a pesticide license. This book and others are available from the UF/IFAS Extension bookstore in Gainesville.

Florida Statutes Chapter 482

The Limited Commercial Landscape Maintenance license falls under chapter 482 of the Florida Statutes, which pertains to structural applications of pesticides. Additional licenses available under this group include the pest control operator’s license, with its multiple categories, as well as a limited lawn and ornamental license, among others.

The Limited Commercial Landscape Maintenance license allows for applications of products with the signal word “caution” in beds and shrubs around buildings. It is often referred to as the “Roundup® license” because weed control is the main issue that folks with this license are commonly using the license for.

Steps to get this license

To get this license, a person must attend a six hour class, complete an application that includes a picture and proof of insurance, and pass an exam. There is a $150 exam fee and the license must be renewed every year.  A total of four Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are needed for renewal, two Core CEUs and two Limited Commercial Landscape Maintenance CEUs.  Locate CEU classes via the FDACS public database search here:

Study materials

The exam is based on the following materials:

Laws can change over time.  Check with FDACS to confirm the most recent edition. Contact FDACS Bureau of Licensing and Enforcement at (850) 617-7997. See study materials for this and other exams here:
Contact the UF/IFAS Extension Bookstore at 1-800-226-1764 or


Required exam voucher

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services now requires an exam voucher to take an exam.
Follow this process to apply for the license and get your voucher number.

  1. Make sure you know which license you need.  There are several licenses with similar names. See a table to help with that here:
  2. Head to
  3. Click on “Apply for Exam” (or use other links to answer questions before moving forward)
  4. Next you may need to login or setup a new user account with FDACS.  You may need to be able to check the email and activate a link in order to proceed.
  5. Choose the Structural Chapter 482 license grouping.
  6. Choose Exam Sign up and follow through the process.  You will be able to upload your insurance and pay for the license fee online.

Be sure to bring the voucher to the exam.  If you are planning to take the exam at a different time than the exam prep you will also need to schedule the exam. Struggling to get through the process?  Contact FDACS Bureau of Licensing and Enforcement at (850) 617-7997.


A training program for this license is conducted in many counties around the state, depending on the demand. Hillsborough and Polk Counties teach the program together, offering it on approximately a quarterly basis between the two Counties.

See upcoming Hillsborough County pesticide training programs:
See upcoming pesticide training programs in Polk County:

Locate your local Extension office here:

8 Comments on ““Roundup®” License- Is it For You?

  1. Hi Mary,

    I live in Jacksonville FL and would like to obtain my round up license. Can you point me out towards that direction?

  2. I need to renew my license, where do i send my CEUs ?

  3. Hello
    As the owner of a Landscaping Company, I am interested in pursuing the Limited Commercial Landscape Maintenance (LCLM) Training in order to take the exam for the Limited Certification Landscape Maintenance pesticide license (more commonly called the Caution-labeled or Round-up®️ license).
    Can you please provide me with all the necessary details (such as class date, study materials, cost, etc) as soon as possible?
    Thank you.