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UF/IFAS Hurricane Disaster

Minor Wind and Rain, Storms Still Hurt Growers (9/19/2019) by Yvette Goodiel - In Martin County, Hurricane Dorian brought a potential for Category 5 storm force winds, rain, and storm surge.  Nursery, vegetable, aquaculture and other growers facing storms like Dorian must prepare for the worst.  Preparation and recovery efforts cost... Read More
UF/IFAS Economist: Hurricane Dorian’s Impact on Florida Agriculture Was Minimal (9/5/2019) by Tom Nordlie - One day after Hurricane Dorian crept past Florida’s Atlantic coast, impacts to the state’s agricultural and natural resources-based industries appear to be minimal, according to an economist with the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.... Read More
Dorian’s Swing Threatens 770,000 Acres of Ag Land in Florida East Coast Counties (9/3/2019) by Tom Nordlie - Hurricane Dorian began its much-anticipated northward swing Tuesday morning and is now expected to skirt Florida’s Atlantic coast, threatening a dozen coastal counties that are home to 9 million residents and more than 770,000 acres of agricultural land.... Read More
When Hurricanes Approach, UF Gets to Work (9/3/2019) by Kirsten Romaguera - GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Last week, before Dorian even reached hurricane status, the University of Florida’s faculty network throughout the state began setting long-planned storm preparation and recovery steps into action. “There is not a county or area in... Read More
Under the Citrus Tree: Special Hurricane Dorian Edition (9/2/2019) by lhurner - Special Hurricane Dorian Edition Greetings from the Extension Office! As Hurricane Dorian is stalled over the Bahamas, I wanted to send you some things that may help you before and after the storm. Please save this email for... Read More
UF/IFAS Facilities Updates (9/1/2019) by Samantha Murray - Click here to get updates on the status of UF/IFAS facilities across the state.
UF/IFAS Hurricane Resources for the Media (8/30/2019) by Samantha Murray - Below is a list of UF/IFAS news stories and resources available to the media in covering hurricanes. If you would like to get in touch with an expert, please contact Samantha Murray at 352-394-3307 (office), 949-735-1076 (mobile) or... Read More
Hurricane Recovery: Cleaning Your Home after a Hurricane (8/30/2019) by Samantha Murray - Did your home have water damage from the hurricane? If you don’t clean up properly, you could be at risk for mold and other health hazards. Until cleanup is complete, keep children, immune-compromised individuals and pets away from... Read More
Hurricane Recovery: After a Hurricane, Is the Food in Your Home Safe to Eat? (8/30/2019) by Samantha Murray - After a hurricane, is the food in your home safe to eat? If you lost power, be careful: the food in your fridge or pantry could make you and your family sick. If refrigerated or frozen foods stay... Read More
Hurricane Recovery: Well Water Safety After a Hurricane (8/30/2019) by Samantha Murray - After a hurricane, is your well water safe to use? If your private well or septic system is damaged during the storm, your well water may be contaminated with harmful bacteria. To avoid getting sick, make sure you... Read More
Hurricane Preparation: Getting Your Farm Ready (8/30/2019) by Samantha Murray - Every farm and ranch in Florida must have an emergency plan in case of a hurricane, said a University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension director. “The main thing is that farmers need to be... Read More
Hurricane Preparation: Five Ways to Get Your Boat Ready (8/30/2019) by Samantha Murray - When a hurricane is on the horizon, boat owners need to do more than batten down the hatches to get ready, according to an expert with the University of Florida. Hurricane season starts June 1, but boaters in... Read More
Hurricane Preparation: Home and Family (8/30/2019) by Samantha Murray - As a hurricane approaches, residents should take the time now to prepare their homes for the storm, said a University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension faculty member. According to UF/IFAS Extension Highlands County Director... Read More
Hurricane Preparation: What to Put in Your ‘Go Bag’ (8/30/2019) by Samantha Murray - You may not want to think about evacuating as a hurricane approaches, but you should be prepared, says a faculty member with the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. “Now is the time to get... Read More
Hurricane Preparation: Non-Perishable Foods (8/30/2019) by Samantha Murray - There’s nothing like trying to eat when the refrigerator and kitchen lights don’t work. That’s what some will face this hurricane season. University of Florida experts urge everyone to stock up on non-perishable food so you’ll have plenty... Read More
Hurricane Preparation: How to Prep for a Power Outage (8/30/2019) by Samantha Murray - It’s easy to take things like electricity, Wi-Fi and cell service for granted — until a hurricane blows through and knocks out these modern conveniences, sometimes for days at a time. But there are things you can do... Read More
UF/IFAS Economist: Millions in Agricultural Crops at Risk as Dorian Approaches Florida (8/29/2019) by Tom Nordlie - If Hurricane Dorian makes landfall mid-way up Florida’s Atlantic Coast – as many models predicted Thursday afternoon – the storm could devastate not only Central Florida tourist destinations, but also the region’s agricultural areas, which include significant acreage... Read More
Prepare Your Property for Hurricane Season (8/28/2019) by Chris Demers - Hurricane season is June 1 through November 30. As we have learned in recent years, powerful hurricanes can make their way inland and do considerable damage to forest and agricultural lands and enterprises. It’s never too early to... Read More
A note on UF/IFAS facilities from Dr. Mastrodicasa (8/28/2019) by jmastro - This post originated as an e-mail sent on Wednesday, August 28, 2019.  Dear IFAS colleagues, As you know, Hurricane Dorian is heading towards Florida with lots of coverage in the media. I encourage you to follow the guidance... Read More