A Co-op Farmer’s Insight to Hemp: A System for Central Florida

Carlos Hayden, Volition Seed, Volition Co-Op, UF/IFAS Hemp Pilot Project Partner Farmer

Correspondence to: VolitionSeed.com, (772) 285-2157, HaydenHempFL@gmail.com

This insights video is part of the blog series Perspectives from the Hemp Industry.

The Big Challenge

“The biggest challenge has been finding the best way to grow auto flowers. And the reason I bring that up is because auto flowers, as a model to offer for scale and for commercial production, is a great style of growing… I’m not here to say that they’re the best, but I will say that they’re the most cost effective model that you can scale.”

The Exciting Experience

“Most exciting is growing auto flowers and full terms and comparing the two. Finding out the density, the ideal density planting marks that we need to achieve certain yields and standards of quality production.”

The Business Goal

“I think what’s really important right now in our business model from a processing co-op side of things is, to just bring good people together. Have them understand one goal, and that’s to produce a high quality, ethical hemp product.”

The Clarification

The Florida Hemp Rule was last revised 10/12/21 and required the notice of harvest within 30 days. This is different than the 15 days mentioned in the interview.


Posted: February 15, 2022

Category: Agriculture, Crops
Tags: Hemp, Hemp Perspectives

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