What Is Agroecology?

Marigolds Laying Foundations for Agroecology (5/21/2024) by Catalina Obando - It's always tough to say goodbye to a great colleague, and today, We want to take a moment to highlight the incredible work of our former coworker, Daniel Calzadilla, as he goes on to the next chapter in his career. His dedication, creativity, and positive attitude have been a true inspiration to all of us… 1
Sunrise South Florida My Agroecology Journey (3/7/2024) by Catalina Obando - I started my journey as a farmer four years ago without experience (I have a bachelor's in industrial design), but I knew I needed to find a way to do it right. Having all your money between soil, sun, and water is a considerable risk. Even though I didn't have knowledge of how to make… 1
Agroecology’s First Principle: Systems (5/25/2018) by Zack Brym - The Core Principles of Agroecology How many ways can you introduce and define Agroecology? We tried a couple of ways for the first pair of posts in the 'What is Agroecology?' blog series. As we get deeper into the discussion and debate of the discipline, we will find that there are many other ways to… 1
What is NOT Agroecology? (5/11/2018) by Zack Brym - Revisiting What IS Agroecology Last post we focused on introducing agroecology through its key areas (production, environment, and society) and its foundational principles (systems, production, biodiversity, and resilience). The agroecology framework motivates sustainable crop production and natural resource management within resilient and biodiverse food systems. Our framework is intentionally broad to encompass the many facets… 1
Introducing Agroecology (4/27/2018) by Zack Brym - What is Agroecology? Agroecology is a paradigm for scientists and farming communities that prioritizes food production, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Agroecological innovations build from the resource-constrained ways we farmed before synthetic fertilizer with a modern design to sustain production, conserve natural resources, and maintain social stability. Agroecological practices maintain agricultural systems, or ‘agroecosystems’, to… 1

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