Fall into Fitness: Staying Motivated through the Seasons

Crisp air, fall colored leaves, pumpkins and apples all signal that Fall is here. As the weather cools down, it’s easier to take advantage of outdoor exercise.

It may not be easy for everyone to stick to an exercise routine once the seasons change. What you can do is try your best to either continue exercising and/or start to incorporate more exercise, especially with winter and the holidays right around the corner.

women riding bike in park surrounded trees in fall

Change It Up:

As fall commences, it is a great time to change your workout. Your body gets used to doing the same activities over and over. When this occurs, your muscles aren’t being challenged as they should be, thus leading to a potential weight loss plateau. Really take advantage of the weather changing and cooler temperatures with these activities:

· Explore parks in your area and walk, jog, hike or bike outside

· Return to the gym or fitness center and take advantage of the weights and classes offered

· Find a fall fitness partner to help keep you going — either in person or through a virtual challenge

· Raking leaves is an excellent way to burn some extra calories

· Planting fall flowers and putting up holiday lights are another great way to get in moderate aerobic exercise

It takes 30 days for a habit to form, so if you are completely new to exercise or if you are trying to change your schedule a little from the summer to fall, keep this in mind.

Little Changes Make a Big Difference: Workouts don’t need to take a full half hour or hour in order to be effective. Ideally, getting 30 minutes most days is best for maintaining weight while also getting health benefits. The 30-minute activity doesn’t

have to be done all at once. Breaking up the 30 minutes into three, 10-minute sessions provides the same health benefits as one 30-minute workout session.

Mother and daughter picking pumpkins and putting them in a waggon.Here are some things you can do to help you stay active:

· Walk while your child is at practice instead of sitting or standing still.

· Get active while watching TV: get up during the commercials and get some exercises in like squats, pushups, planks, use free weights, or walk in place.

· Have walking meetings during work hours instead of sitting on the phone.

· Make an exercise commitment with your family: take time to walk, play an active video game or play a sport together as a family.

· Take a Saturday trip to visit an outdoor farm, park or festival. These are activities that will help you stay active on the weekends all while having fun.

It doesn’t matter how you get your activity and exercise in this Fall, the important part is actually doing it. Challenge yourself and eliminate excuses. Remember, the average American gains 8-12 pounds over the holiday duration from Thanksgiving to the New Year. Sticking to a workout routine throughout the seasons changing is vital to keeping weight gain to a minimum, if at all.


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Posted: September 27, 2022

Category: Health & Nutrition
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