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Graduate students share soil and water sciences with after-school science club

Two Soil and Water Sciences (SWS) Department graduate students shared their knowledge with an after-school science club.

teacher and student making soil profile

Julio Pachon holds an auger while student removes the soil for the soil profile. (Photo: Michael James)

Michael James and Julio Pachon visited students at the Clarence R. Kelly Community Center in Gainesville on March 5, 2020.

The two used skills they practiced in one of the SWS graduate student group’s meetings facilitated by the Natural Resources Diversity Initiative (NRDI) student group. This allowed them to engage the kids in some fun learning activities about soil and water sciences.

“We talked with the students about soil profile development and then augered one next to the center’s garden,” said Michael James, SWS doctoral student.

a child's drawing of a person with a soil auger

The drawing of a person holding an auger. (Photo: Michael James)

After everyone had a turn twisting the auger, assigning a Munsell color value, and trying their hand at making a soil ribbon, they washed up and went back in to “record their findings,” James said.

“The recording method varied among our rambunctious group, but I left feeling all warm and fuzzy inside at being gifted with this wonderful abstract piece, which can now be found on the wall at my desk,” they said.