About Tropical Connections

The Elsevier Tropical Connections Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program aims to nurture socially-responsible careers in sustainable management of agricultural and water resources and to increase persistence of female post-doctoral scientists in the field.

Post-doctoral fellows continue to work in their host laboratories while receiving career training through the Elsevier Tropical Connections Fellowship. The training focuses on developing a career roadmap toward attaining the desired career in academia or the not-for-profit sector, building an achievement portfolio through developing grant proposals/business plans, outreach and assessment portfolio, fostering leadership, mentoring and communication skills.

Tropical Connections Fellows will blog about their experiences on this site throughout the year.

Funded with a grant from the Elsevier Foundation, this collaborative program of the University of Florida, the University of Hawaii-Manoa and the Southeastern Branch of the American Society for Microbiology is helping to establish a career path for 20 post-doctoral female scientists who will undergo a rigorous preparation for tenure track and leadership roles.

For more information: Email Dr. Max Teplitski, Project Director and University of Florida Research Foundation Professor and Graduate Coordinator of the Soil and Water Science Department.

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