Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences

a person's hands scooping soil out of a brown paper sample bag.

Experiential Learning Lab provides undergraduate students research opportunities

March 18, 2024

University of Florida students are immersing themselves in the hands-on study of soil, water, and ecosystem sciences in the Experiential Learning Lab (ELL). Dr. Ann Wilkie, research professor in the UF/IFAS department of soil, water, and ecosystem ... READ MORE

Category: UF/IFAS Research
Tags: Ann Wilkie, BioEnergy And Sustainable Technology Lab, Experiential, Soil And Water Sciences, Sustainability, Undergraduate Research
Two people picking oranges in a citrus grove

UF/IFAS researchers are re-examining nutrient guidelines for Florida citrus

February 23, 2024

A team of researchers from across UF/IFAS is making progress on updating nutrient guidelines for Florida citrus. The work is needed since current nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) recommendations are based on studies of healthy citrus trees. Now, ... READ MORE

Category: AGRICULTURE, Crops, UF/IFAS Extension
Tags: Citrus, Fertilizer, Nitrogen, Nutrient Management Program, Phosphorus, Soil And Water Sciences
sunrise over the UF BioEnergy and Sustainable Technology Lab

Field trip to SWES Experiential Learning Lab gives high school students close-up look at science

February 18, 2024

When Gainesville High School teacher Sadie Matteucci wanted her students to learn more about the benefits of composting, she knew where to go. She took a group of environmental science students to Dr. Ann Wilkie’s lab at the University of ... READ MORE

Category: UF/IFAS Teaching
Tags: Ann Wilkie, BioEnergy And Sustainable Technology Lab, Experiential Learning Lab, Soil And Water Sciences, UF Student Compost Cooperative
an image of a sandy soil with little grass

Members of UF/IFAS department of soil, water, and ecosystem sciences contribute to book on sandy soils

February 15, 2024

Anyone working the land in Florida is aware just how sandy the soil is throughout the panhandle and peninsula. Even the official state soil is Myakka fine sand. So, it is not surprising the first book solely focused on sandy soils includes authors ... READ MORE

Category: AGRICULTURE, Natural Resources, UF/IFAS Research
Tags: Carbon, HLB, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Soil, Soil And Water Sciences
a view from the top of Reykjadalur Mountain in Iceland

Environmental Management student travels to Iceland to study renewable energy

January 26, 2024

The UF/IFAS department of soil, water, and ecosystem sciences offers students the chance to blog about their study abroad experiences. Darci Griffin is majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies: Environmental Management in Agriculture and Natural ... READ MORE

Category: Natural Resources
Tags: Environmental Management In Agriculture And Natural Resources, Renewable Energy, Soil And Water Sciences, Study Abroad
wide angled view of Florida Everglades

Researchers examine the influence of vegetation on soil organic nitrogen composition, mineralization in a subtropical wetland

January 25, 2024

Previous studies have investigated the role of litter type on soil organic nitrogen (SON) mineralization and the resulting chemical composition in aerobic soils. However, there are limited studies on the role of anaerobic conditions. Researchers ... READ MORE

Category: Natural Resources, UF/IFAS Research, Water
Tags: Everglades Agricultural Area, Florida Everglades, Soil And Water Sciences, Soil Organic Nitrogen
the ground level, surface opening to a septic system.

New UF/IFAS publication: Managing impacts of flooding, groundwater rise on septic systems

January 16, 2024

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection estimates the state has more than 2 million septic systems. If an owner does not properly maintain one, it poses an environmental threat to the state’s drinking water. Besides regular maintenance, ... READ MORE

Category: Disaster Preparation, Home Management, UF/IFAS Extension
Tags: Flooding, Groundwater Level Rise, Mary Lusk, Septic Systems, Soil And Water Sciences

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