Are You Looking for a Way to get Financial Assistance on Your Farm or Forestry Operation?

Introduction to financial assistance program for all farm and forestry operations will be Offered Dec 13th, 2022 at the NFREC-SV for Suwannee all surrounding counties

Financial Assistance Expo flyer

Who do farm and forestry producers go to for financial assistance?

Homeowners who are interested in agriculture, livestock, or forestry production, on any acreage scale, often are looking for help on deciphering what financial assistance options are available to them. There are many different options and often involves a complicated decision with many personal variables on which programs to apply for. Smaller scale producers are often overlooked in the larger more commonly known BMP based cost share programs because the returns are not great enough per acre to justify the cost to the program. These small-scale producers do have other options available; they are just not the most obvious ones.

Why should producers attend?

This common confusion about who to turn to or which programs to apply to is the key reasoning behind offering this new introduction to financial assistance program for Farms and Forestry operations, or potential operations. We will have experts in marketing and finance speaking about all the various types of financial assistance, in addition to the most common BMP cost share programs. This program is a regional event open to Suwannee and all surrounding counties. Producers of any size will be welcomed as all financial options will be explained from small farms through larger scale acreage producers. Discussions about BMP cost share, grants, NRCS programs and services, carbon credits, forestry programs, and even agriculture-based loan options will be given. Equipment examples and current costs will also be available from dealers present to help further solidify the idea of the costs that are necessary to take a producer to the next level they are striving to go. The goal of the program is to help more producers from traditional agriculture and from forestry related operations in understanding what options for financial assistance are available to them. Presentations from each governmental agency and private financial lenders will help to clarify to the producers what they each have to offer and hopefully help find each producer a financial assistance program that is their best fit.

Program specifics

Hope to see to see you there!


Posted: November 21, 2022

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