Weed of the Week- Chickweed


Chickweed is a winter annual that can be found in disturbed areas in both sunny and shady spots. The plant reproduces by seed dispersal in spring and germination in the fall, and seed may stay viable for up to 10 years. Chickweed generally prefers poorly drained soils but is common in a wide range of soil conditions.

Preemergent herbicides applied in late summer/early fall tend to work well to control chickweed, but may impede winter forage growth. Fertilization and good management of desirable plants will out-compete chickweed and offers good control.


Posted: January 15, 2018

Category: Agriculture, Pests & Disease
Tags: Agriculture, Brent Sellers, Kalyn Waters, NFLAG, Pasture Management, Weed Management, Weeds

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