Environmental science student finalist for national scholarship

Lacey Lingelbach, a senior in environmental science, was eager to apply to the Udall Foundation scholarship program earlier this year. The award recognizes outstanding achievement in leadership, public service, and a commitment to issues related to the environment. Lingelbach received an honorable mention from the national scholarship committee that scored more than 400 applicants.

Lacey Lingelbach (photo provided)

“I plan to work in a local public agency on the environmental policy specifically related to climate adaptation and resiliency plans,” said the Martin County, Fla., native. “That aligns with the goals of the Udall Foundation.”

While she did not receive one of the highly sought-after scholarships, Lingelbach believes the honorable mention recognition shows she is on the right track.

“Knowing that the scholarship review committee feels the work I’m doing as a student is important for the environment is an honor,” she said.

Lingelbach has been involved in student government in high school and at UF as well as volunteered in local political organizations. She has been a policy research intern for the City of Gainesville. This gave her experience researching environmental policy proposals. She also is promoting civic engagement, leadership, and service among UF students through the Bob Graham Center for Public Service.

“I feel it’s important that everyone is involved in protecting and preserving our limited natural resources,” she said. “I intend to focus my career on improving the environment. That includes getting more citizens involved in the process.”

Lingelbach expects to earn her bachelor’s degree in May 2021. She hopes to enroll in graduate school to further her education.

You can learn more about the Udall Foundation Scholarship here: https://www.udall.gov/OurPrograms/Scholarship/AboutScholarship.aspx


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Posted: November 5, 2020

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