SNRE co-sponsors 7th UF Water Institute Symposium

The School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE) is a co-sponsor of the 7th UF Water Institute Symposium. The event is set for February 25-26, 2020, at the J. Wayne Reitz Union on the University of Florida campus in Gainesville. Numerous SNRE students, alumni, and faculty are taking part.

decorative image onlyPoster Presentations

SNRE Interdisciplinary Ecology (IE) students who are presenting posters during the symposium are:

  • Forest Lefler
  • Jamila Roth
  • W. Samantha Yuan
  • Megan Donovan
  • Megan Opincarne
Symposium Sessions

The following members of SNRE are presenting during the symposium sessions:

  • May Lehmensiek, IE student, is presenting The Dams and the Fishers – Occupational Change in Resource Dependent Communities
  • Jovana Radovanovic, SNRE Environmental Science alum and current IE student, is presenting Evaluation of Water Use, Quantity, and Quality Effects of Amending Compacted Residential Soils with Compost
  • SNRE lecturer and alumnus, Dr. Simone Athayde is presenting Bridging the Science-Knowledge-Policy Gap to Address Cumulative Impacts of Small Hydropower Plants in The Brazilian Amazon
  • SNRE alumnus, Dr. Wendy-Lin Bartels is presenting Managing Stakeholder Engagement Through Iterative Process Design and Facilitation: A Unique Role for Social Learning Research
  • Julie Walker, IE student, is presenting Effects of Changing Vegetation Composition on Community Structure, Ecosystem Functioning, and Predator-Prey Interactions at the Saltmarsh-Mangrove Ecotone
  • SNRE alumnus, Dr. Katie Glodzik is presenting Mapping Floating Wetland Coverage in Everglades Stormwater Treatment Areas Using Drone Imagery
  • Trista Brophy, IE student, is presenting Geospatial Analysis of Stormwater Ponds and Water Quality Across the State Of Florida
  • Gretchen Stokes, IE student, is presenting Applications of Hyperspectral Drone Imagery for Rapid Aquatic Habitat Assessments
  • Stefano Barchiesis, IE student, is presenting Water Level Variability Control of Invasive Plant Cover and Water Bird Populations in Palo Verde, Costa Rica: Implications for Wetland Restoration
  • Amanda Rodriguez, SNRE Environmental Science alum, is presenting Techniques for Assessing Phosphorus Loss from Soils of Varying Textures for Protection Of Water Quality

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Posted: December 4, 2019

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