Tax-Free Holiday for Disaster Preparedness Supplies

Great news! As residents of Florida, we have another opportunity to purchase qualifying supplies related to disaster preparedness without sales tax. The tax-free savings begin on Saturday, August 26 and end on September 8. This is a good time to make those needed purchases to help keep you and your family safe. This is also the time to stock up on shelf-stable foods and water.

Poster indludes items exempt from sales tax during sales tax holiday
2023 Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday

Remember, you will need a gallon of water per person per day, plus water for cooking, washing and any pets that live in your home. For more information on groceries, generator safety, pets and evacuation centers, visit my other blogs:

And for information on the Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday visit: 

Lastly, every storm, regardless of its category, needs to be taken seriously and can present a real threat to life and property. Hurricanes are part of a continuously evolving process so pay close attention to your local media coverage because forecasts can and do change.

Be prepared to be safe.




Posted: August 25, 2023

Category: Disaster Preparation, Money Matters, Work & Life
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