Sarasota County Launches Interactive Water Quality “Story Map”

As part of Sarasota County’s ongoing commitment to water quality and protecting area water resources, the county has launched an interactive web tool showcasing a variety of water quality preservation projects and initiatives.

screenshot of sarasota county water quality story map landing page. [credit: uf/ifas extension sarasota county]

From county investments such as the conversion to advanced wastewater treatment and installation of WaterGoats to support for individual actions including irrigation assessments and landscaping assistance, the “story map“—available at—features project maps, images, videos, and information highlighting the array and scope of water quality initiatives.

“Water quality impacts our environment, our economy, and our way of life, and everyone has a part to play in protecting water quality,” said Lee Hayes Byron, Sarasota County UF/IFAS Extension and Sustainability director. “The story map illustrates the county’s actions, as well as ways residents and visitors can take part in safeguarding this vital resource.”

“Together, we can preserve our most precious resource and, by doing so, protect the Sarasota County way of life and economy, as well as wildlife, habitats, and more.”

As Sarasota County grows in popularity, the need to protect limited water resources has heightened. The Sarasota County Board of County Commissioners continues to set water quality as a high priority strategic action item. The county has implemented numerous programs and initiatives, renewing the board’s commitment to water quality with investments totaling into the hundreds of millions of dollars for infrastructure improvements, restoration projects, and more.

The story map serves as an engaging way for individuals and organizations to find information about a diverse selection of those efforts. Users can click through to find information about:

  • Advanced wastewater treatment conversion;
  • Dona Bay watershed restoration;
  • “Green” infrastructure;
  • WaterGoats installation and implementation;
  • Environmental restorations;
  • Land acquisition and conservation easement issuance;
  • Aeration pretreatment;
  • Healthy Ponds initiative;
  • Florida-Friendly Landscaping™; and
  • Reclaimed water irrigation uses.

screenshot of sarasota county water quality story map, showing dona bay watershed restoration information. [credit: uf/ifas extension sarasota county]screenshot of sarasota county water quality story map with blackburn point park shoreline restoration information. [credit: uf/ifas extension sarasota county]screenshot of sarasota county water quality story map, showing florida-friendly landscaping at uf/ifas extension sarasota county office. [credit: uf/ifas extension sarasota county]

While the story map showcases just a sampling of the county’s water quality initiatives, a full list of water-related projects, efforts and other information, including steps individuals can take to help, is available online at

Watch a short, information video about the story map:

For more information, visit or call 311.


Posted: May 9, 2023

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