Ways to Save: Tips for in and Around Your Home

graphic icon showing a piggy bank with "coins" representing energy saving, food saving and more.Whether you rent or own your home, we all have bills to pay. Lots of bills, it seems.

We can help.

Our “Ways to Save” project provides a range of cost-saving tips on many of the common expenses you face every day, like utility bills and food costs. Through videos, classes, projects, blog posts and more, we’ll share information and advice to help you cut your energy and water use, reduce the amount of food you waste, grow your own vegetables and fruits, beautify and maintain your landscape cheaply, and others.

So, where can you find these “Ways to Save” tips? Check our social media accounts (instagram.com/ufsarasotaextension and facebook.com/ufsarasotaext) for a series of short videos that offer top tips, or catch the video playlist at our YouTube channel. Find savings-related classes at our Eventbrite.com page. Check our online information at sfyl.ifas.ufl.edu/sarasota and scgov.net/extension. And, of course, come back to this blog site for more #waystosave posts (you might also like our “Saving Money at the Grocery Store” and “Grocery Shopping for Your Health” series).

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Saving money is always valuable and relevant especially in today’s economy. Join us as we provide you tips to save money in and around your home while preserving valuable environmental resources.


Posted: March 15, 2023

Category: Money Matters, Work & Life
Tags: Conserve, Cost, Pgm_FCS, Save, Saving, Shop, Shopping, WaysToSave

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