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a government pickup drives along a rapidly flooding coast during a storm

Hurricane season is around the corner. Ready?

Hurricane season officially starts June 1, but, if we have a year like 2020, we could see storms beginning to develop before then. Have you started to prepare?

Now is a great time to begin the process of looking at your emergency supply kit, taking inventory of your pantry and updating your contact list and making sure you are familiar with your insurance policies. Shopping early will allow you to beat the rush on needed supplies such as water and batteries.

I have several blog posts (and series) and fact sheets that can help you get started with planning and preparing. Take the time to read through them to be sure you don’t miss anything important. Planning ahead will help you stay organized but it can also give you peace of mind knowing that you have planned for your family and home.

And don’t forget to register for a disaster preparedness class through Eventbrite. There are several classes with various days and times listed; each class covers the same topics.

Remember, it’s never too early to prepare.


Fact Sheets

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