Green business program continues to grow… virtually

The new world of stay-at-home directives, online ordering and Zoom meetings has not stopped businesses in Sarasota from finding the time to go green. Enter Roof Maxx Technologies.

Developed by Battelle Labs, Roof Maxx is the first roof-rejuvenating spray treatment formulated with natural soybean oil to penetrate roof materials. This application restores a roof’s flexibility and waterproofing protection, extending the life of a roof by up to 15 years and reducing both the waste created from disposing of an old roof and the waste generated by manufacturing new roof shingles. Due to its incorporation of soy, Roof Maxx provides a safe option for people, pets, property. Complimentary inspections and treatment costs 1/5 as much as traditional roof replacement for residential and commercial property owners.

Roof MaxxAs a green business partner, Roof Maxx is working to have a positive impact on our community. From a waste reduction perspective, Roof Maxx works towards a no-landfill policy, with job sites that strive to recycle all materials. Products are shipped in reusable and returnable totes, cutting down excess waste generation. Mechanical equipment used at job sites is electric, with no direct emissions, compared to gas powered machinery.

Roof Maxx leaders regularly discuss environmental efforts with their staff, and have developed a company-wide policy emphasizing a commitment to the conservation of resources and sustainability.

About the Green Business Partnership

The Green Business Partnership is open to all businesses in Sarasota County. Certified Green Business partners operate in an environmentally responsible manner. More than 250 businesses have earned certification. Program certification includes an on-site verification of reduction, reuse and conservation practices in:

Green Business Partnership

  • Business operations;
  • Solid waste management;
  • Recycling; and
  • Energy and water consumption.







Posted: May 12, 2020

Category: Conservation, Natural Resources
Tags: GBP, Green Business, Green Business Partnership, Green Roofing, Pgm_Waste, Sustainability, Waste Reduction

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