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4-H Runs on Volunteers!

Which groups of kids can belong to a 4-H club? Choose the best answer:

  1. Kids and youth ages 5-18
  2. Kids who are Latino, White, Black, Asian, Native American, Pacific Islander, Eskimo, and combinations of these
  3. Kids in wheelchairs, with autism, Down’s syndrome, or learning differences
  4. Kids who live in duplexes, houses, apartments, on farms, in subsidized housing, in gated communities, and at temporary shelters
  5. All of the above (and many more)

Of course, you’ve chosen “E!

Every kind of diversity and uniqueness is represented in our youth populations, and 4-H thrives on its reception to every child and teen who walks in the door. An important aspect of including all youth populations is by having volunteers who are representative of the diverse youth 4-H serves. 4-H runs on volunteers!

Polk County 4-H volunteers are adults and older teens who are committed to service, and more than 1,000 youth are served through clubs each year. However, many more kids in Polk County haven’t heard about 4-H and the only way to reach them is through additional volunteers willing to go where the youth are.

Do you live in or near a neighborhood of kids who speak a language other than English? Do you know a family with a child diagnosed with autism? Do you live in one of Polk’s urbanizing areas? If so, consider volunteering with 4-H as a way to reach youth that aren’t typically in the word-of-mouth network that knows about 4-H and the many opportunities available. Contact the 4-H office at 863-519-1041 in Polk County, or visit for contact information in other counties in Florida.

2 Comments on “4-H Runs on Volunteers!

  1. I’m interested in Polk County (preferably Lakeland) summer volunteer opportunities or camps for my 15 year-old but am having trouble finding those on this site. They seem to have a lot in the Leon County area but that is too far away.

    • Hi Kim! Thanks for asking. Polk County government and several municipalities–including Lakeland, Bartow, Winter Haven, and Haines City–have great options for summer day camping for kids and job opportunities for teens. Polk County 4-H focuses on offering specialty experiences, such as this year’s 4-H Grilling and Tailgaiting camp June 5-8, open to 4-H members. 4-H overnight camping also offers great volunteer opportunities for teens that you can consider for summer 2020, as those positions are now filled. In the meantime, a great way to get your teen involved in 4-H and in volunteer opportunities is through the 4-H Youth Council. 4-H Agent Shree Ghosh is the advisor and she can be reached at, or 863-519-1043. They meet once a month. We hope you’ll get involved!

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