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The Florida First Detector – A Virtual Episode about the invasive Asian Longhorned Beetle

August 25, 2020

The Florida First Detector (FFD) Program is here again, an opportunity for you to learn something new this Fall. This time we would be learning about invasive species identification and sample submission, more specifically about the invasive ... READ MORE

Category: AGRICULTURE, Forests, Invasive Species, Pests & Disease, Pests & Disease, Wildlife
Tags: Asian Longhorned Beetle, The Florida First Detector Program

COVID-19 and UF/IFAS Extension

March 15, 2020

Updated 03/15/20 As we continue to monitor COVID-19 in Florida, I wanted to take a moment to update our UF/IFAS Extension community about our current status, best practices and next steps. The personal health and safety of everyone in the ... READ MORE

Category: 4-H & Youth, Agribusiness, AGRICULTURE, Camp, Clubs & Volunteers, Coasts & Marine, Community Volunteers, Conservation, Crops, Curriculum, Disaster Preparation, Events, Farm Management, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Food Safety, Forests, Fruits & Vegetables, Health & Nutrition, Home Landscapes, Home Management, Horticulture, Invasive Species, Lawn, Livestock, Money Matters, Natural Resources, Pests & Disease, Pests & Disease, Professional Development, Recreation, Relationships & Family, SFYL Hot Topic, Turf, UF/IFAS, UF/IFAS Extension, UF/IFAS Research, UF/IFAS Teaching, , Water, Wildlife, Work & Life
Tags: Covid-19, Featured Hot Topic, Hot Topic

Camphor Shot Borer (Cnestus mutilatus)

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July 20, 2018

Have you noticed tiny holes in your plastic fuel containers? You may not consider this damage could be due to an insect, but the residents of Florida's panhandle have to contend with the ethanol-loving camphor shot borer, Cnestus mutilatus. Camphor ... READ MORE

Category: Forests, Invasive Species, Natural Resources, Pests & Disease
Tags: Camphor Shoot Borer, Camphor Shot Borer, Cnestus Mutilatus, Forest Pest, Forestry, Fuel, Sweetgum, Urban Pest

New on Featured Creatures! Giant woolly bear (larva), giant or great leopard moth (adult)

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August 11, 2014

We are pleased to announce a new article on Featured Creatures! Take a sneak peek with this excerpt from the article: The giant leopard moth is our largest eastern tiger moth. It was formerly in the family Arctiidae which now composes the ... READ MORE

Category: Conservation, Forests, Natural Resources, Recreation, Wildlife
Tags: Featured Creatures, FL Natives, Pest Alert, UF/IFAS Pest Alert

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