If you are you interested in staying informed about the insect, mite, nematode or plant disease problems that occur in Florida, you may want to subscribe to receive notices about new posts on the Pest Alert blog! Updates can be received by using RSS Feed or by subscribing to the PestAlert-L listserv.

RSS Feed:

RSS feed allows you to retrieve the latest content from the site(s) you are interested in and read them in an RSS feed reader at your convenience. To subscribe to RSS feeds, you must first have an RSS feed reader. To subscribe to the RSS feed of the Pest Alert blog, paste the URL into your RSS feed reader. Alternatively, click the RSS icon at the top the Pest Alert blog page and then select your RSS feed reader to subscribe.

PestAlert-L Listserv:

The PestAlert-L listserv is used to provide email notices of new posts on the Pest Alert website. This listserv is moderated in that any messages sent to the listserv will first be sent to the listserv owner, who will then decide if the message should be sent to all subscribers.

You can subscribe or unsubscribe to this mailing list by sending e-mail to:

To Subscribe – leave the subject line blank and in the text of the message type the following:

subscribe PestAlert-L Susie King Taylor

(substitute your name for “Susie King Taylor”)

To Unsubscribe – leave the subject line blank and in the text of the message type the following:

unsubscribe PestAlert-L


signoff PestAlert-L

Please turn off any signature to your message or you may receive an error.

The listserv then sends a message requesting a reply to verify the subscription process. Simply use a REPLY command, with the letters:


in the text.

Then the listserv sends a message stating you have been added to the list. Save this reply in case you wish to unsubscribe from the list in the future.

For additional information on managing your access to the list, e-mail:

and in the body of your message type:

info refcard


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