2020 Virtual Open House & 4-H Online 2.0

This year continues to challenge our traditional ways of doing things in 4-H. Although it is not always the answers or solutions we want, it has opened up new doors for creativity and innovation. Here are a few examples of new/exciting things to look forward to in a virtual world.

Virtual Open House

This year in-lieu of an face to face open house we have worked closely with our club leaders to create a helpful website. Within our website are all the links you need to join for the new year, discover clubs and activities, become a volunteer, or learn about our special programs. We have even created an in-depth guide for all families and leaders to help navigate the big world of 4-H!

Check it out now and share it with all your friends!

4-H Online 2.0

We have heard for a long time that one barrier to joining 4-H was the non-user friendly interface that was 4-H Online. Good news! They have heard our concerns and re-vamped the system! The system asks less questions, is easier to read, easier to navigate. They have even integrated volunteer training and membership fee payments! There are options now to join as a parent and not a formal volunteer or as a youth for a short term enrollment! Three cheers!

It is still a new system and we want signing up to be as easy as possible. So let’s walk you through a sample youth enrollment.

1. Log in or create a family profile in the new 4-H Online system.

If you are returning you will validate information, pay fees, and ta-da!

If you are adding a new family member: First select “Add Member” and fill out the required fields. By entering the birth date the system automatically determines if it is a youth or adult signing up.

Select your participation level: Full member or Short-term (like for Youth Emergency Team/Youth Leadership Nassau, One day events/camps, and programs of this nature). Not sure which one you should choose? Call us and we’ll be happy to help!

2. Select your clubs, project areas, answer your health questions/consents if you have chosen option #1.

3. Using a card on file or entering a card, pay your membership fee of $20 per youth age 8-18 (up to 3 household members for Nassau only)

Once you have completed that your agents will confirm your profile after reviewing it. There you have it! So much easier!

If you would like a membership card for discounts or admissions, request one at any time. These are not sent out automatically.

Welcome to or back to our Nassau County 4-H Family!


Posted: August 21, 2020

Category: 4-H & Youth, Clubs & Volunteers
Tags: 4-H Online, Nassau County 4-H, New Year, Open House

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