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Little Tastes Add Up To High Calories During the Holidays

Christmas buffet = high calories

Holiday buffet = high calories

“I will start eating better after the holidays.”  Does this sound like you?  Well, if so you are not alone.  While the holidays are a time to enjoy family, friends and food, sometimes the “food” part can be overwhelming and just a bit too much for many to resist.  However, the obvious may not be so obvious.  It’s not only the calorie-rich meals and buffets, but all the “little tastes” in between that contribute excess calories leading to weight gain.

Count the Calories

Take a look at some of these not so innocent “little tastes” and how they can really add up by the end of the day.

Fruitcake = 100 calories

Fruitcake – 100 calories

* How nice, someone brought homemade chocolate truffles to work.  These are really special because they are made with dark chocolate.  Can’t pass these up.  I will just have a couple.  150 calories

* As you are slicing the fruit cake some of the pieces break apart.  Well, you can’t serve that, it won’t look good on the plate.  It is certainly too expensive to throw away, and it’s only fruit, right?  100 calories

* Wow, holiday taste-testing at the supermarket.  It smells so good.  I will have a little taste of everything: candied sweet potatoes, dressing and green bean casserole with the crispy onions on top.  100 calories

* The doughnut shop is serving samples of their famous flavored holiday coffees.  Well, I can’t get that any other time of the year.  20 calories

* Your neighbor just brought you some of her fabulous fudge brownies. How sweet!  Plus, they are cut into tiny pieces.  I will just have a couple.  I wouldn’t want to insult her. 120 calories

* Aunt Mary made her secret-recipe eggnog; you know, with all the sprinkles and whipped cream on top.  I will just have a half-cup.   200 calories

* As you are clearing the dinner table, you notice there is still some macaroni and cheese in the dish.  Obviously too little for a leftover, so you might as well eat it.  80 calories.

Total Tastes for one Day – 770 calories

If this is just for one day, imagine what the total would be after the holiday season.  At that rate, you could easily gain a pound a week. Perhaps the little tastes are not so little after all.