Tips to Help You Weather the Storm

Article and audio introduction by Samantha Kennedy, Family and Consumer Sciences
collection of hurricane supplies
Food and water are, with good reason, most people’s priorities when it comes to stocking their hurricane kit. However, other items are important, too, such as first aid items, sanitation supplies, and extra batteries. (Photo source: UF/IFAS File Photo)

It’s officially hurricane season here in Florida and that means it’s time to review and rebuild your disaster kit. Take some time to go through your kit and make sure you have everything you need. Use this checklist as a starting point and add whatever else you may need.

Replace expired food products and replenish your water supply. Need help deciding what kinds of food and how much water to buy? Let this shopping list be your guide! Remember, focus on nutrition. Balanced, nutritious foods will help provide much-needed, long-lasting energy during stressful times. Family and Consumer Sciences agents in Broward County, FL provide a few tips and tricks for making healthy choices.

Need advice about preparing and storing an emergency water supply? This fact sheet can help!

Keep fresh batteries on hand in all the sizes you will need to power your devices, such as flashlights, radios, and other electronics.

Protect important documents. Many items, such as wills, birth certificates, deeds and liens, and insurance papers may be hard to replace if lost or damaged in a storm. Keep hard copies safe in a waterproof, fireproof lock box. Save digital backups in multiple, secure, and portable places that can be accessed after a storm. This fact sheet provides additional tips for protecting your documents and valuables during a disaster.

Create a digital hurricane kit! Alicia Betancourt, Community Resource Development agent in Monroe County, FL, has put together a comprehensive list of online resources that can help you track the storm, stay in touch with loved ones, and plan your evacuation.

Additional Resources

Disaster Handbook (UF/IFAS)
How to Prepare for Emergencies (American Red Cross) (U.S. Department of Homeland Security)

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Posted: June 3, 2020

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