Ms. Howard’s 5th grade class learns about My Plate

My Plate Lesson
Ms. Howard’s Class
Jefferson Elementary School
September 30, 2015

Recently, Shirley Bouie, Family & Consumer Sciences Jefferson County’s Extension Agent was invited to teach a class on “My Plate” to Ms. Howard’s 5th grade class at Jefferson Elementary School. My Plate shows the five food groups by using a plate. It shows that half of your plate should be fruits and vegetables. The other half of your plate should be grains and proteins. The beverage should be a dairy.

After learning about the five different food groups, the class learned about foods in each food group. Many were surprised to learn which foods belonged to certain food groups. They were surprise to discover that popcorn was in the grain group, and nuts and beans are in the protein group.

Ms. Bouie presented a balance breakfast, lunch and dinner meal using the My Plate format. The students played a – “Plan a Dinner” game using picture food cards representing each food group. They placed the correct food in each food group and planned a dinner. The students were very successful. As several students stated they learned to eat more fruits and vegetables.

You can find more information on My Plate at You will find interactive games, nutritional information and more.



Howard class

1st row L to R: Zakhia Coates, Shamyra Harris, Willeshia Walker and Asia Chambers
2nd Row L to R: Malcolm Seabrooks, Jamal Washington, Marlon Barrington and Kammarrian King 3rd Row L to R: Adolfo Jiminez and Juvon Pettway









Posted: October 22, 2015

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