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Everything we say and everything we do as a brand is built on this brand strategy. It’s how we tell the world: This is who we are, why we exist, and why it matters. Every element of the strategy is the result of focused decisions to establish the positioning for our brand and a platform for our big idea. This is where it all starts.

-UF Brand Guidelines

The University of Florida has developed an exciting new brand platform. All the guidelines and assets can be found on the comprehensive branding website: Using your Gatorlink credentials, you can access the UF font set, templates, and lots of other goodies like training resources and messaging information. The UF/IFAS brand will be updated, and UF/IFAS Communications will update and develop templates for UF/IFAS faculty and staff to use for their communication efforts.


  1. Updates to the UF font set include the retention of Gentona, retirement of Quadon, and the addition of Billion Dreams, Obviously wide and extended, and Newsreader. All the fonts can be directly downloaded from the Brand Center website or turned on if you use Adobe Fonts. 
  2. The logo system hasn’t changed, although ICS has updated the colors and provided logo box options. Those can be found here:
  3. Another aspect of the visual brand is the color system. While the orange and blue have not changed, updates include a brighter set of secondary colors representing UF better. 
  4. Some available templates include PowerPoint, social media tiles, and an email newsletter template. 
  5. The stationery system has not changed much, but the templates now use Gentona for the font instead of Palatino. 
  6. Better guidance regarding photography has been added to the new brand guidelines. 

Check out some samples of our work with the new brand visuals:


Please periodically visit the UF Brand Center ( ) and the UF/IFAS Branding website (branding.ifas.ufl.eduto see what is new.

For questions, please contact Tracy Bryant at or place a communications request here:


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Posted: April 1, 2022

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