Reducing Harmful Chemicals in Stormwater Runoff Infographic

We created this award winning and informative infographic that illustrates that any homeowner can learn about and help solve the problem of harmful stormwater runoff with the help of Brad Buck, Public Relations Specialist III and Donald Rainey, Extension Agent III.

The infographic offers a list of practical and easy-to-do actions homeowners can perform the help preserve their neighborhoods, waterways and environment. The visuals show homeowners working to combat harmful stormwater runoff by:

  • washing their car on the lawn to prevent detergent runoff,
  • collecting rain gutter water into a barrel, and
  • sweeping grass clippings onto the lawn.

The graphic was initially created to accompany a column in the Tampa Bay Times, about stormwater management stress, but it was also picked up by the Gainesville Sun and ran in the News from the University of Florida section.


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Posted: May 4, 2021

Category: UF/IFAS Graphics
Tags: Extension, Homeowner, Illustration, Infographic, Runoff, Stormwater, Water

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