TERMINALFOUR (T4) TIP 41: Recommending Your Website To Youtubers

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TIP: Associating your Youtube Channel with your website broadens your ability to add interactive call-to-actions (CTAs) from Youtube to your website. Now, you can recommend viewers to more IFAS information.

Benefit – Creating Cards and End-Screens

YouTube cards are interactive and can act as clickable CTAs that take viewers to another video, channel, or site. Go here to learn more. You are not limited to just linking to your website’s homepage. If there is specific information that you want to let your audience know about, you can link directly to another page on your site.Tip41-Scrn3-AssociatingYourYoutubeWithYourWebsite

Benefit – Measuring Success

Check YouTube Analytics to see how well your cards are doing. For more info on how to navigate the data, click here. For example, after creating a card or End-screen you can view reports that show how often viewers clicked these items and which were clicked the most across your videos.

Associate Your IFAS Website With Your Youtube Channel

If you’re the Youtube channel’s manager and you have a verified account, you can associate your official website with the YouTube Channel. This lets you add signals from your website’s Page Rank on www.google.com into YouTube’s search algorithm. Follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to Youtube and navigate to Youtube Studio or Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Settings >Channel > Advanced settings.
  3. Under “Other channel settings”, select Advanced channel settings.
  4. In the “Associated website” section, enter your website’s URL and click Add. It will show as “pending,”
  5. Under the URL box, click request approval. Google will trigger an email to webteam@ifas.ufl.edu to complete the verification process.

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Posted: May 4, 2021

Category: UF/IFAS Webteam, WCMS Updates
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