TERMINALFOUR (T4) Tip 24: Adding Images to Your Web Page

Intended Audience: Contributors and Moderators

TIP: How to add images to your web page

Explanation: Images enhance your web pages and contribute to a better user understanding of the content featured.

You can add images by selecting the Media Library icon inside the t4 Editor. To do this, first move your cursor to where you want the image to appear. Select the image library icon (on the right side of the t4 Editor). A pop-up window to the Media Library will open. Select the folder where your image is housed, and then select your image by clicking on the relevant link.

Next, choose how the image will appear on your web page. It’s a good idea to “float” your image to one side of the page. To do this, click on the image. A dialog box will open. Under the ‘Class’ field, type either “image-right” or “image-left.” Ideally, you should upload images that are already appropriately sized. You may use Photoshop, Pixlr, or another image manipulation program for this purpose.

Be sure to preview your web page before publishing to ensure the content is displaying correctly. Adjust as necessary.


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Posted: March 5, 2020

Category: UF/IFAS Webteam, WCMS Updates

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