The Threat of Freezing Temps and Hard Cold Weather isn’t Over Yet

The threat of freezing temps and hard cold weather isn’t over just yet this season. There are 5 things you should think about with this tough cold weather:

  1. Protect yourself and those around you. Wear hats and gloves, stay dry and, stay out of the wind. Also check on children and the elderly regularly.
  2. Bring your pets inside or make sure animals have warm shelter when weather is predicted to be below 40•F.
  3. Check your outside pipes. Cover those uninsulated pipes and have outside faucets drip to avoid breaking.
  4. Know your cold plants and cover sensitive plants with old sheets or burlap secured with clothespins. Avoid using plastic to cover plants.
  5. Know your fire safety! Follow directions with all heaters and only use safe inside heating sources. Of course, pay super close attention to any open flames.

Use extra special precautions and protect you and your family in these cold temps! Stay warm this season!


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Posted: December 10, 2017

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