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Budget-friendly gift giving ideas!


Think outside the box – literally the gift box – when considering budget-friendly gift giving. Stay within your budget by creatively rethinking what makes a good “gift.”  Give gifts that cost less from your wallet but instead leave lasting holiday memories.  Consider gifts of time, love, and labor this holiday season to avoid over-spending.

Get creative ~

Homemade gifts are a great way to express love and care. Consider your skills and the supplies you already have on-hand. There are tons of ideas online for simple, low-cost handmade gifts.

Family treasures ~

Pass along family treasures, as gifts, during the holidays. Example: If a niece has always admired Great-grandma’s crystal candy dish, then wrap it and include a handwritten note detailing the family history of the piece.

Serve others, together ~

Celebrate the holidays together with acts of service in your community in lieu of gifts. Many service agencies could use your help during the holidays. Remember safety for yourself and others first! Wear face coverings, gloves, and maintain distancing during acts of service.

Gifts of time or labor ~

Instead of purchasing a gift, wash a car, deliver a homemade meal, help with outdoor decorations (don’t forget to help remove them!), or an offer to walk the dog during cold weather. This type of gift is especially helpful to seniors, single parents, or those experiencing physical challenges. Focus on outdoor work that can help someone yet remain safe during this time of Covid-19.

Movie memories ~

Does a friend remember watching a special holiday movie with a lost loved one? Pop the popcorn, grab the box of tissues, and hold a holiday movie night instead of exchanging gifts. This can be done across the miles with the help of cell phones, zoom, skype, or other tools. Select the movie, grab the snacks, and share time together despite being in two different places! Create a movie quiz or a “who said it” worksheet to share before the event!

Give the gift of reading ~

Share a favorite holiday story or book together! Does a family member have a favorite holiday book from childhood? Schedule a zoom meeting to read the book together!

Dramatize it, complete with costumes and props from your closets as you share poems, children’s stories, or tell a tall tale of your own with family and friends. Each family unit can choose a selection and with the help of technology, can perform their piece to an audience of loved ones from different locations at the same time!

Those old photos ~

Organize old photos into stacks, tie with ribbon and distribute to family members. Names and dates are a bonus, if known! Select a few photos to have made into a collage at a local pharmacy or discount store. Include a letter explaining the significance of those photos.

Safety First!

Take precautions to be safe with face coverings, hand washing, and social distancing.

The holidays focus on family, friends, hope, and memories. Get creative with your holiday gift-giving this year to stay within your holiday budget. Share memories and make new ones!

2 Comments on “Budget-friendly gift giving ideas!

  1. Great ideas! I am printing this off and saving it.


    • Glad you like the suggestions! Have a wonderful holiday!