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Coastal Erosion–a problem with new solutions

August 25, 2017

Life on the coast has tremendous benefits; steady sea breezes, gorgeous beaches, plentiful fishing and paddling opportunities. Nevertheless, there are definite downsides to living along it, too. Besides storms like Hurricane Harvey making ... READ MORE

Category: Natural Resources
Tags: Barrier Islands, Climate, Coastal Erosion, Estuaries, Habitat Conservation, Habitat Restoration, Invasive Species, Living Shoreline, Living Shorelines, Native Plants, Panhandle Habitats, Panhandle Outdoors, Sea Level Rise

Transient Birds and Beach House Refuge

July 22, 2016

Birds, migration, and climate change. Mix them all together and intuitively, we can imagine an ecological train wreck in the making. Many migratory bird species have seen their numbers plummet over the past half-century – due not to climate ... READ MORE

Category: Natural Resources
Tags: Barrier Islands, Birds, Climate, Environmental Education, Florida Panhandle, Habitat Conservation, Panhandle Outdoors, Research, Sustainable Living, Swamps, Waterfronts, Wildlife, Wildlife Monitoring

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