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blooming burgundy bromeliad in the morning sun

Beautiful Bromeliads and Mischievous Mosquitoes

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June 26, 2020

In January, 2016, I moved back to Florida from another southern state. It was great to see familiar plants and to be able to go to the beach again.I love the dizzying varieties of beautiful bromeliads, but could definitely live without the ... READ MORE

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Tags: Aechmea, Anana, Bacillus Thuringiensis, Billbergia, Bromeliads, BT, Color In The Landscape, Florida Mosquitoes, Guzmania, Mosquito Control, Neoregelia, Preventing Mosquito Breeding, Shade Gardening

Fact Sheet: Survey of Insecticides Available for Homeowners in Lee County, Florida

February 3, 2018

Survey of Insecticides Available for Homeowners in Lee County, Florida: 2013 The insecticides below are first listed by their family name, for example, Benzoylureas and Neonicontinoids. Knowing the insecticide family is critical when developing ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Home Landscapes, Horticulture, Pests & Disease, Pests & Disease
Tags: Bacillus Thuringiensis, Benzoylureas, Fact Sheet, Factsheet, Imidacloprid, Insecticides, Lee County, Neonicontinoids, Pesticide Resistance, Pesticides, Stephen Brown

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