What will your 4-H routine be?

September 1, 2022, is the official start of the new 4-H year. Like the start of a new year, is there something you want to do differently this year in your club or project? Do you have a plan for how to do that? Do you have a 4-H routine? Now is a great time to think not only about your club goals and club calendar but your 4-H routine. Here are some tips for developing routines:

  • Set Goals: What are your 4-H goals for the year?
  • Layout a Plan: How will you accomplish your goal or goals?
  • Be Consistent: To establish a routine, you must be consistent throughout the year.
  • Be Prepared: To be prepared, think about what is needed to meet your goals and establish your routine.
  • Make it Fun: Think about how you can have fun while reaching your goals and establishing your 4-H routine.

What does your 2022-2023 4-H routine look like? How will it help you? What do you need for your 4-H year routine to be successful? Please call the 4-H office at 863-946-0244 if we can help you with your 4-H routine. 


Posted: August 9, 2022

Tags: 4-H, 4H, Routine

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