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Food Week 2019 | UF/IFAS Food Science and Human Nutrition
L-R: Julia Kady, Kyla Boyd and Nikki Nesbit prepare to compete in MasterChef 2018
Are you interested in learning how your food is produced and kept safe? Curious about how biology, chemistry and engineering is used to study the nature of food? Come visit us during Food Week 2019! The Food Science and Human Nutrition department will hold the second annual Food Week from September 9th to 13th.


This celebration of food science will be packed with activities ranging from movie presentations of Food: Delicious Science series to Field & Fork garden tours and a Sensory Lab taste panel. You don’t need to be a food science major to enjoy this engaging event. Everyone from casual food appreciators to die-hard food experts will find something to love at Food Week.

Highlights of Food Week 2019

Food Week 2019 | UF/IFAS Food Science and Human Nutrition
Tracie Halbrook, FSHN human resources assistant, working on her MasterChef entry.
MasterChef Competition
Are you the greatest chef on campus? Find out during Food Science and Human Nutrition’s MasterChef competition and show off your culinary skills!
Sensory Lab (Taste Panel)
Stop by to sample foods and learn about this important process in food science.
Free Coffee with Roasting Demonstration
Need a pick-me-up? Enjoy some free coffee in the FSN building and learn all about how coffee is roasted before it reaches your cup!

Check out the complete schedule:

Food Week 2019 | UF/IFAS Food Science and Human Nutrition
Dr. Andrew MacIntosh, professor in the FSHN department, gives a tour of the Pilot Plant at Food Week 2018.
Monday (9/9)
  • Movie presentations of Food: Delicious Science series (Reitz Union Breezeway)
    • Food on the Brain (9am & 12pm)
    • A Matter of Taste (10am & 1pm)
    • We Are What We Eat (11am & 2pm)
  • Student Club Fair and Activities (10am-2pm; Reitz Union Breezeway)
Tuesday (9/10)
  • Sensory Lab (Taste Panel) (12pm-2pm; AFPP Building)
  • FSHN Cookout (12:30pm-1:30pm; FSN Courtyard)
  • CALS Kickoff—College Club Fair (5pm-8pm; Reitz Grand Ballroom)
Wednesday (9/11)
  • Cold beverage samples (11am-2pm; North Lawn/Marsten Library)
  • College Bowl Competition (2pm; location TBD)
Thursday (9/12)
  • FREE COFFEE with roasting demonstration (9am-12pm; FSN Building)
  • FSHN CLUB Food Serving Size Activity (10am-12pm; Turlington Plaza)
  • FSHN Brewery/Pilot Plant Tour w/ Dr. MacIntosh (12:30pm & 1pm; FSN building)
  • MasterChef Competition (2pm-5pm; Pilot Plant in the FSN building)
Friday (9/13)
  • Appreciation Cookout (4pm-we can’t party anymore!; Field & Fork Gardens/Bat Houses)
Food Week 2019
Mario Guadalupe, Ph.D. student working on beverage research and improving techniques in the beer brewing process, during Food Week 2018.

Handy Printable Schedule

Food Week 2019 | UF/IFAS Food Science and Human Nutrition


Contact Rachael Vinyard in the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department at (352) 294-3734.

Your turn! Are you coming to Food Week? To which event are you most looking forward?

*A big thank you to Andrew Horvath for the photos in this post.


Jessie Erwin, Nutrition Communications Consultant for the UF/IFAS FSHN department.
Posted: September 5, 2019

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