Stuck at Home: Get Moving

Stuck at home? Whether by yourself or with others can have an impact on our way of thinking and your stress level. I have seen quite a few posts on social media talking about “already feeling stir crazy” and this event seems to just be beginning. One way to help keep our sanity during this time is to remember the importance of physical activity in our lives. I know your thinking why talk about physical activity at a time like this, but it is so important for your health especially during this challenging and changing time.

Physical activity has a number of benefits on your health which is currently the world’s focus. Physical activity can help boost your immune system, improve your metal health (reduce anxiety and/ or depression), improve your sleep, improve your cognition, help maintain/control your weight, as well as help manage some chronic conditions or reduce your risk for them. It doesn’t matter whether you are already physical active or are wanting to get started, this is the time to let all these benefits of physical activity work to benefit you.

It is recommended that adults get 150 minutes a week of moderate activity and at least 2 days a week of muscle strengthening. So whether you can only fit small intervals or you make 30 minute workout part of your daily routine, you can get the 150 minutes recommended. It makes no difference, if you already are physically active, or this is a new thing for you. There are many different ways you can be active during this time at home. Always remember to start slow and build up as you go, that way you keep your body safe and in great condition.

Everything in our lives right now is going virtual, so if you don’t already have a daily routine, why not look at some of these free apps or websites (listed below) that provide you with all kinds of options for working out. Whether it is stretching/yoga or intense strengthen training and anything else in between, there are many options available for all. Also, if you are someone who already has a daily routine maybe try out a few of the options below to mix it up. No matter where you are, just remember to get moving to keep both your body and mind healthy.

Free Fitness during Coronavirus Online:

Planet Fitness FB page daily:

Orange Theory Fitness page daily:

Les Mills on-demand exercise classes:




Posted: March 20, 2020

Category: Health & Nutrition, UF/IFAS Extension, Work & Life
Tags: Health, Physical Activity

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