Scholarship Opportunity for the Florida Friendly Fishing Guide Certification

In June 2020 I wrote a blog post about the Florida Friendly Fishing Guide Certification. As a recap, this online course teaches best practices for catch and release fishing to Florida fishing guides. Each lesson plan focuses on a different aspect of ethical angling. There are modules on seafood safety, federal and state fisheries management, onboard waste management, and how to teach your customers about the environment. The cost is $130 and the course takes about 4 hours to complete.

The course has been well received by fishing guides. 32 guides have already taken the course and received their certification (as of this writing). We’ve gotten some great feedback and comments.

“I really enjoyed the course. Since the completion, I have found myself being much more aware of the impact we as guides can make on our clients and the environment. The fish handling and “plastics” portion of the course were especially helpful. You guys did a great job organizing and implementing the Florida Friendly Fishing Guides program. It should be a required course for new guides and captains. Just think how we could change the mortality rate of American Red Snapper by teaching guides and recreational fishermen proper handling techniques?” – Capt. Michael Bundy

Now Offering Scholarships!
several fishing guides who are certified
The list of Florida Friendly Guides is growing every day!

Does this make you curious about the program? Well I have some good news! We recently started a scholarship program. We are offering a limited number of scholarships for 50% off the course registration fee. To apply, fill out this short application to be considered for a scholarship award. This is a limited offer so apply soon!

For More Information

The Florida Friendly Fishing Guide Certification is a great opportunity for professional development and a benefit to your business. Certified guides are listed on the Florida Sea Grant Florida Friendly Fishing Guide website. Once you complete the course you receive a welcome package with boat decals, CaddyCan boat trash can, dehooker, public listing on the Florida Sea Grant website, and an optional social media promotion. This program is state-wide for all saltwater fishing guides in Florida. If you have questions or need more information please contact your local Florida Sea Grant Extension Agent.


Posted: July 29, 2020

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