Best Angus and Quarter Horses Internship

MAY to AUGUST 2019 Ranch Management Internship
Application Deadline:  March 20, 2018
FB – Best Angus and Quarter Horses
FB – Elkhorn Creek Ranch
Best Angus and Quarter Horses is a purebred registered Angus operation in the beautiful, rugged badlands of western North Dakota at Elkhorn Creek Ranch, 15 miles southeast of Watford City in McKenzie County.  The Best family runs approximately 265 registered Angus brood cows, utilizing extensive synchronized artificial insemination (AI) and embryo-transfer (ET).  The ranch also develops for resale approximately 120 commercial Angus heifers, utilizing synchronized AI.  Throughout the year we train homegrown ranch horses of all ages and in all stages of development.
Best Angus offers Interns a variety of opportunities that will enhance classroom learning for Animal Science and Ranch Management undergraduates with practical, hands on experience of the following nature:
·         AI / ET program implementation – Assist with the implementation of synchronization protocols, heat detection, and associated records management of ET donors (+/- 10), ET recipients (+/- 100), and AI’ed cows (+/- 150) and heifers (+/- 170).  Assist with the processes of AI and transfer of embryos.
·         Philosophy on genetic selection and marketing approaches – Participate in management’s discussion and decision making related to dam and sire selection, approach to American Angus Association data analysis and consideration, environment and resource consideration, and financial consideration of current available Angus and Quarter Horse genetics.  Understand multi-approach marketing plans and marketing plan budgeting.
·         Philosophy on approach to customer service and stakeholder relations – Participate in management’s discussion related to customer service and stakeholder relations of both cattle and horse customers and other stakeholder relationships of the ranch.
·         Resource management – Participate in discussions of resource management (range, water, forage, wildlife, capital), and understand contract considerations of ranch stakeholders and procurement processes.  Participate in implementation of resource management tools (working facility and fence maintenance and development, water maintenance and development, range management, macro and micro nutrient management of livestock).
·         Ranch horse training – opportunities available to individual interested and capable.  Riding assignments paired with horses of compatible training level and personality.  Experience general management activities. 
Best Angus is committed to working with accreditation programs available to the successful applicant through their collegiate undergraduate program and to trailering their learning experience for a successful, productive internship.
·        May to August (start and end dates are flexible) paid internship.
·         Furnished, modern private cabin with utilities provided – 2 bedroom, single bath on ranch with kitchenette (fridge / stove / microwave / sink), air conditioning, in-house washer and dryer.
·         A combination of family style, boxed lunch, and restaurant meals provided.  Breakfast and other meals may be on your own depending on ranch schedule.
TO APPLY:  E-mail cover letter, resume, two references, and your advisor’s contact information to Pete and Vawnita Best:


Posted: February 18, 2019

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