Quincey Cattle Company: Feed Manager

Quincey Cattle Company
Chiefland, FL

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Feed Manager:
• Become proficient on the use of the computerized Feed Management Program.
• Order feed commodities.
• Insure good quality ingredients are received and fed. (Quality assurance guidelines will be developed for each ingredient).
• Make sure that any feed ingredients processed at QCC meet specifications.
• Conduct monthly ingredient inventory.
• Oversee the feed mixing to insure that feed formulation specifications are followed and mixing time of the ingredients is sufficient to provide cattle with a properly mixed ration.
• Determine which pens are fed with each load of mixed feed.
• Determine when to switch cattle from the starter ration to a grower.
• Insure that pastures/pens are properly set-up to encourage optimum feed intake. This includes physical condition of the feed bunks, correct size of feed bunks, number of feed bunks, feed bunk location, water quality, condition of waterer and area around waterer, and whether some method of enticement is required to get the cattle to the feed bunks and water.
• Feed bunk management. This includes the handling of refused feed and determining the amount of feed fed to each pen of cattle on a daily basis.
*email Allyson Trimble (trimbleak@ufl.edu) for a more detailed description of responsibilities. 

Posted: September 17, 2018


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