Teacher and Advisor Appreciation Week: UF/IFAS Animal Sciences

The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Teacher and Advisor Appreciation Week is here! This is a week dedicated to thanking our teachers and advisors who do so much within our college. Students can write them notes, submit their name for a paper plate award, or even tell them thank you in passing. Our professors and advisors here in the Department of Animal Sciences put their all into creating the best educational programs for our students, so we decided to ask our students who they would like to thank and why, here is what they had to say:

Joel McQuagge

“I would like to thank Joel McQuagge for being a wonderful man to me and many others. He truly is here for his students and has never put a fence up that we could not jump over. He works beside each of us and works to get to know each of his students for who they are. The world needs more people like him in the agriculture and horse industry. Not to mention an amazing horse trainer.” – Micah Green

Dr. Lori Warren

Dr. Lori Warren teaches multiple equine courses in our department. Megan Lee, said, “Dr. Warren is an incredible teacher who truly goes above and beyond to ensure students have a solid and practical understanding of the topic. I greatly appreciate all of the hard work she puts into her extremely creative notes, PowerPoints, and labs.”

Dr. Jason Scheffler

“Dr. Scheffler is one of our amazing Block and Bridle advisors. He is always willing to listen and give advice about academics, extracurriculars or life!” – Jessica Czipulis

Amie Imler

Caroline Wright wanted to thank Mrs. Amie Imler for being an amazing professor, “She always goes above and beyond and truly cares about her students. I have her for Intro to Animal Science Lab and Lecture and I am also in her Careers in Livestock class. She is a great teacher and it is clear that she puts a lot of time and thought into her lectures. Thank you, Mrs. Imler!”

“Amie is a light within the Animal Science department. She is someone you can always count on whether you are in her classes or not. She makes an effort to connect with each one of her students and make sure they know they can come to her with just about anything. I couldn’t imagine ANS without Amie!” – Emma Lipori

Dr. Todd Thrift

“Dr. Thrift is open, honest, and you can tell he genuinely enjoys what he does. As a student trying to learn all I can about the beef cattle industry, I could not ask for more than that. He is beyond willing to teach all of the hands-on skills that his classes entail and I am grateful to have someone so knowledgeable to learn from. Thank you Dr. Thrift, for being apart of ANS!” – Payton Rethmel

Dr. Saundra TenBroeck

Megan Lee and Isabelle Best wanted to thank Dr. Saundra Tenbroeck for her support throughout their time at UF:

“Without Dr. TenBroeck, I would not have had the chance to take all of the amazing classes that I took over Fall. Dr. TenBroeck is an amazing professor and advisor.” – Isabelle Best

“Dr. TenBroeck is one of the most caring professors I have had the privilege to know. Her advice and wisdom are unmatched and she always goes the extra mile to help students succeed.” – Megan Lee


If you would like to read more about the professors and advisors in the Animal Sciences department, click on their name! If you would like to read more about all of our faculty and staff use this link: https://animal.ifas.ufl.edu/people/


Posted: March 15, 2022

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