UF/IFAS Animal Sciences’ Mentor Month: Amie Imler

January, National Mentoring Month, serves as a time to recognize the many faculty members, like Amie Imler, UF/IFAS Department of Animal Sciences (ANS) Lecturer, who serve as mentors to our graduate and undergraduate students. These individuals have a significant influence on students’ experience before and after graduation.    

Imler is known for her connections with undergraduate students. She teaches several undergraduate courses and supervises the internship program. Imler interacts with every student at least once during their undergraduate career through the Introduction to Animal Sciences Laboratory.  

Douglas Natoce, ANS junior, is one of Imler’s undergraduate teaching assistants for the Introduction to Animal Sciences Lab. Natoce has worked indirectly with her for over two years. He said Imler was one of the faculty members who inspired him to explore different opportunities within the department. 

Imler (front) with several students on an industry tour.

“She pushed me to explore beyond what I was comfortable with and has shaped me into the student I am today,” said Natoce.  

Natoce is not the only student who has been influenced by Imler’s mentorship. Makayla Quick, a rising junior and one of Imler’s seasoned teaching assistants, originally planned on applying to vet school after graduation. After working with Imler and expanding her view of the industry through the International Production & Processing Expo, Quick now plans to work in the meats industry after graduation. 

 “Mrs. Imler inspired me to get more involved in the industry and broaden my horizons,” said Quick.  

Gina Tran, also a graduating senior, said her experience as an ANS student would have not been the same without Imler. Tran has been under Imler’s mentorship since she entered the department in 2019. She said Imler is not only a mentor, but a friend to students in the department.  

Imler (left) with several ANS students on a study abroad trip in Greece.

“She has personally guided me through some of the toughest challenges I’ve faced as a student while helping me navigate my passions and goals,” said Tran.  

Emma Lipori, ANS senior, has been a teaching assistant for Imler for two years. Lipori has also traveled across the country with Imler for intercollegiate judging team and quiz bowl trips. Lipori said Imler commits herself to helping her students prepare for their future through career exploration and goal setting.   

Imler (front center) with students and Kyle Mendes (left) during trip to the Reciprocal Meats Conference in 2022.

“Under guidance I have learned so much about not only how to be a better leader and teacher, but a better person overall,” said Lipori.   

To connect with Amie Imler or learn more about her, visit her faculty profile on the ANS website.

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Posted: January 27, 2023

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