UF/IFAS Animal Sciences Spring 2023 Graduates

The UF/IFAS Department of Animal Sciences (ANS) is proud to recognize some of the Spring 2023 graduates. The department has over 60 graduates at the undergraduate level this semester. Their future career paths range from veterinarians to industry professionals.  

Animal Biology Specialization senior Alyssa Pham plans to work in the animal agriculture industry after graduation. During her time as an undergraduate, Pham worked at the UF Sheep Unit and was an undergraduate researcher in Assistant Professor Fernanda Rezende’s lab. She said that Rezende has had a significant impact on her experience in ANS. 

“Being an undergraduate researcher for her has provided me with multiple fun learning experiences. I have learned a lot about genetics from her,” said Pham.  

Alyssa Pham holding a lamb at the UF Sheep Unit.

Graciela Gutierrez is a senior Food Animal specialization student who plans to work in the animal agriculture industry after graduation. One of her favorite memories as an ANS student was attending the International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta, GA. She also enjoyed Associate Professor Emily Miller-Cushon’s Livestock Behavior and Welfare course.  

“Her class was so engaging and interactive, and she offered great guidance not only on the course material but also on career paths related to animal welfare,” said Gutierrez. 

Graciela Gutierrez in front of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in her cap and gown.

Hayley Barnett, Animal Biology senior, will be moving back to Maryland to work in a veterinary hospital before applying to vet school. As an out-of-state student, Barnett said it has a difficult adjustment at first. She said it is also one of the best decisions she ever made. 

“If you are an out of state student and are on the edge about coming to UF, consider it an opportunity to grow and find yourself, and remind yourself that your family will be cheering you on and waiting for your return once said and done,” said Barnett. 

Hayley Barnett with an elephant.

Equine Specialization senior Kasey Rot plans to work in equine nutrition after completing a summer internship. As an ANS student, Rot enjoyed painting muscles on a horse in the Form to Function Lab and watching a foal being born at the Equine Sciences Center in Ocala, FL. Her advice to incoming students is to know how you study best. 

“Find the best strategy for studying that works for you early on and use that technique for every exam. Also understand how certain teachers grade or test to help prepare better for exams,” said Rot. 

Portrait of Kasey Rot.

Paulina Farias will be moving to College Station, Texas to pursue a master’s degree in poultry science at Texas A&M University. Through opportunities like the Midwest Poultry Consortium’s Center of Excellence College program, Farias found a passion for the poultry industry. Her advice to incoming students is to be open to new ideas. 

“Don’t be afraid to stray away from your original plan. I planned to go to vet school and left with plans to work with poultry,” said Farias. 

Paulina Farias on campus in her cap and gown.

Find more information about the UF/IFAS Department of Animal Sciences at https://animal.ifas.ufl.edu/. Stay in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Any questions or inquiries regarding this piece should be directed toward Shelby Thomas at soesterreicher@ufl.edu. Read more stories like this one here: http://blogs.ifas.ufl.edu/animalsciencesdept/


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Posted: May 1, 2023

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