Alliance Dairies Group of Trenton, FL Seeking Summer Intern

Position Description:
Summer interns at Alliance Dairies Group are paid and responsible for carrying out day-to-day activities on an operating dairy farm in agreed upon area of interest (ie: crops, shop, infrastructure, herd care) with the understanding of gaining knowledge and experience through hands-on application and responsibility.

*Please note that internship positions are available for upcoming semesters in the future academic year.

Work Schedule & Pay Rate: 

  • Full-Time for a 6-8 week time period 
  • $10/hour 
  • The average work week will be 5.5-days at 10+ hours/day 
Expectations & Primary Objectives:
  • Complete the assigned project given 
  • Be an asset to the farm through applying knowledge and skills in various areas of work that is asked of you 
  • Be willing to work in any area with an open-mind, and open communication with your assigned mentor 
  • Communicate with the Human Resource Manager about observations and experiences 
  • Strive to be a contributing team member within area of responsibility
  • Learn as much as you can by participating in day to day activities and asking questions to gain understanding

General Internship Guidelines:

  • Be on time and ready to work
  • Being absent is not tolerated
    • If you are unable to come to work call in at least 5 hours prior to your shift and bring in proof of your excuse
  • Keep your workplace clean
  • Alcohol and illegal substances are prohibited. Immediate dismissal or suspension from work will result if this rule is violated
  • The phone is for business and emergencies only
  • Needing time off must be approved by your supervisor at least a week prior
  • Keep a willing and positive attitude to learn and help where ever needed
Required Education and Experience: 
  • Experience required, 
    • The focus will be placed on character and ability even with experience though 
  • Work well with others 
  • Be optimistic and positive 
  • Follow through on assigned tasks 
  • Complete tasks in a timely manner 
  • Ask questions whenever you do not know
  • Determined to succeed 

For more information and to apply, contact:

Betsey McKenna
Human Resource Manager of Alliance Dairies

Alliance Dairies Vision
To join the team in producing the highest quality dairy products with happy and productive employee, contented cows, environmental stewardship, and a sustainable business structure with the opportunity to potentially be offered a full-time position after college.


Posted: May 25, 2017


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