Sweet Potato Harvest at Hilltop Landings Community Garden

Sweet Potato Harvest at Hilltop Landings Community Garden After 5 months in the ground, the sweet potatoes at Hilltop Landings Community Garden were finally big enough and ready to harvest. This past week the UF/IFAS Extension Pasco County… Read More

Attracting Interest in Community Gardens with Signs

While community gardens are becoming increasingly popular and sprouting up in various locations, for those who have never heard of the concept, they are often left confused by what community garden sites are, their function, and what they… Read More

Anticipating Pests for Fall Planting Season

As I start planning for the fall planting season, not only am I starting transplants of cool season vegetables and getting ready to plant, I also am getting prepared for the pests that will attack my crops. I… Read More

Hurricanes and Trees Can Mix Better Than You Might Think

Establishing a wind resistant tree canopy is the best insurance when it comes to hurricanes and trees. Trees vary in their strength, generally speaking trees with slow grow are much stronger than fast growing trees. Data collected after… Read More