Podcast series features UF/IFAS water researchers

Faculty and graduate students in the UF/IFAS Soil and Water Sciences Department went behind the microphone for a new podcast series. Agricultural Education and Communication (AEC) students involved in the Streaming Science project interviewed more than half a dozen members of the SWS. The focus was on their water-related research. Topics included oyster restoration, urban water quality, and precision agriculture.

Student and professor taking a selfie
AEC graduate student Michaela Kandzer poses with Julie Meyer, assistant professor of microbial ecology and bioinformatics, after recording their podcast interview. (Photo by Michaela Kandzer)

You can hear these podcasts on SoundCloud:

  • Dr. Sam Smidt talks with undergraduate student Megan Winfree about Precision Agriculture and Water Quality
  • Dr. Julie Meyer talks with graduate student Michaela Kandzer about Coral Reef Restoration
  • Dr. Ashley Smyth talks with graduate student Emily Pappo about Oysters and Coastal Ecosystems
  • Emily Taylor talks with graduate student Jessica Akins about Human Impact on Urban Water
  • Adam Siders talks with graduate student Teresa Suits about Manatees and Waterways
  • Steven Hohman talks with undergraduate student Coley Hingson about Urban Aquatic Systems
  • Audrey Goeckner talks with undergraduate student Juan Wiswell about Stormwater Ponds

Posted: July 9, 2020

Category: UF/IFAS Research, UF/IFAS Teaching, Water
Tags: Podcast, Soil And Water Sciences, Soil And Water Sciences Department, Soil Water And Ecosystem Sciences, Streaming Science, Water

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