Weed of the Week- Broomsedge


Broomsedge goes by many names, and a common misconception is that it is an indicator of low soil pH. In actuality, there are several species of this plant, and while some may favor low soil pH, others do not. Broomsedge is a weedy perennial grass that is commonly found in pastures, and it not managed, can quickly out-compete desirable grasses. Although cattle will graze this weed when it is young, as the plant matures, palatable quickly diminishes.

Herbicides that contain glyphosate have the most impact on broomsedge control, and spot spraying in generally recommended. Good coverage is the key, as the plant is comprised of many separate plants in one clump. Mowing (with adequate grazing pressure) can also be beneficial in the control of broomsedge.


Posted: January 22, 2018

Category: Agriculture, Pests & Disease
Tags: Agriculture, Brent Sellers, Kalyn Waters, NFLAG, Pasture Management, Weed Management, Weeds

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