Environmental science student prepares for career in law

Tenney Kapellusch has thought about going to law school since the beginning of high school. This summer, the environmental science student prepared for her future career by attending the Donald J. Weidner Summer for Undergraduates program. The Florida State University College of Law program went online this summer due to the pandemic.

University of Florida college student Tenney Kapellusch
Tenney Kapellusch hopes to earn a law degree and practice environmental law. (photo provided)

Throughout this program, Tenney was able to meet with experienced attorneys and learn about the path to law school. It also cemented the idea she has had about attending law school.

“I really enjoyed learning from practicing attorneys about their daily lives and how they balance work and their hobbies,” Tenney said.

The Estero, Fla., native plans to complete her Bachelor of Arts degree in Fall 2021. She has a minor in Agricultural and Natural Resource Law as well.

In addition to her environmental science studies, Tenney is a staff member for the Student Honor Code Administration. She will serve during the 2020-2021 academic year, ensuring that students are following honor code rules.

“As a staff member for SHCA, I can ensure that the students are held to university standards or academic honesty and encourage an environment for new ideas,” she explained.

The role also requires Tenney to attend training sessions and proctor exams.

She hopes her UF education and extracurricular activities will help her get into law school. Tenney plans on pursuing a career in environmental law.


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Posted: October 22, 2020

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