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Why You(th) Should Join 4-H!

Lifelong friends, learning, and leading are just a few aspects of the University of Florida IFAS Extension Seminole County 4-H program.  Find out why you(th) should join 4-H!


4-H provides a place for youth to belong.
  • In 4-H youth meet new people and make friends. Open to ages five to 18, youth to interact with their peers, as well as younger and older youth.
  • 4-H is a family organization and everyone in the family is invited to be involved. Whether serving as a 4-H volunteer, helping with snacks, or attending a 4-H event together, we welcome the whole family.
  • Caring adults work alongside youth to teach them skills and have fun.


In 4-H youth master knowledge and skills.
  • Youth learn subject matter skills. Examples include cooking, sewing, animal care, public speaking and leadership.
  • 4-Hers learn workforce preparation skills including communication and getting along with others.
  • 4-H is all about hands-on learning and the experiential learning model.
  • 4-H is part of the Extension Service and the land grant university system, providing access and curriculum on a variety of subjects.


Youth have the opportunity to practice independence.
  • In 4-H youth practice making decisions. 4-Hers decide what they would like to learn.  4-H has over 70 4-H projects from bicycling to dogs, and from cooking to outdoor adventures, so whatever your child’s hobby, the likelihood that there is place for them to connect to the 4-H program is high.
  • 4-H provides a safe place to task risks and fail. This could be trying something new, like kayaking at 4-H Summer Camp or practicing public speaking skills in front of 4-H friends. 4-Hers do, learn, and grow.
  • In 4-H, youth leaders determine what happens at the 4-H Club, County 4-H Youth Council, and beyond.


4-H promotes generosity.
  • 4-H youth participate in service. 4-Hers learn the importance of helping others and being an active member of their community.


Interested in learning more about the Seminole County 4-H program?  Visit our 4-H Open House on Thursday, August 26, any time between 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., at the University of Florida IFAS Extension Seminole County Auditorium, 250 W. County Home Rd., Sanford, FL 32773.

Explore the many opportunities available to youth (ages 5-18) through 4-H.  Find out how to start our own 4-H club, speak with current 4-H members and volunteers, learn about our events and activities, and visit our 4-H Silent Auction, supporting youth scholarships.   The event is free and open to the public, but we do recommend that you register:  Visit our website and follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

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