Crafting Your Garden Story with Resources from UF/IFAS Extension Sarasota County

As we journey through life, many folks see different ages, phases, and interests as chapters in their personal story. For some, gardening is just one chapter in their life. For others however, it’s a recurring theme that could fill a series of books. No matter where you are in your own gardening story, whether you’re just starting out or you’re on chapter 45, we have resources to help you shape your gardening manifesto and turn garden tragedies into triumphs!

Choosing Your Next Adventure

This is especially true if you’re new to Florida and feel like your gardening adventure has taken a wrong turn. We’re here to help. Our new resource, the FREE story map tool featuring demo and community gardens, can guide you towards your next gardening venture. So, whether you’re an armchair gardener seeking inspiration from the comfort of your home or looking for an exciting place to explore and discover, this story map tool is here to lend a helping hand. By using the demonstration gardens story map tool, you can find out which gardens are near you, making it easy to plan your next garden outing. In each of the provided links, you can find information about the hours and amenities of these garden spaces. Best of all, visiting these demo gardens is completely free!

Sunlight filtering through trees highlighting the round table and bench in the demo garden.
Sunny seating at Elsie Quirk Library demo garden.

Seeking Inspiration and Empowerment for Your Garden Story?

Perhaps you want to find a peaceful place to read a good book or write the next chapter of your novel or journal. The demo gardens connected to our local libraries can offer the perfect spot. Or maybe you’d enjoy strolling through Shamrock Park, taking in the beauty of Florida-Friendly ™ and native plants. You may even get a few ideas for your home garden or landscaping projects, want to learn more about gardening and landscaping here in Florida by taking a class or even want to become a master gardener volunteer.

Gardening Resources at Your Fingertips

Even if you decide that you aren’t ready to commit to becoming a Master Gardener Volunteer, you are welcome to ask them questions and you can find them at local plant clinics, our extension office, or through the convenience of phone and email. To learn how to connect with our Master Gardener Volunteers, visit our website or email them at  As you explore the demo gardens you discover through our story map tool, be sure to thank the master gardener volunteers that help support the care of these special places.   

Hibiscus in bloom in demo garden at Betty J Johnson library Sarasota, FL
Hibiscus in bloom in demo garden at Betty J Johnson library Sarasota, FL

Begin Your Garden JourneySign of Florida Friendly Landscaping displayed at Shamrock Park Demo Garden

So let the story map introduce you to places that become significant settings in your own narrative. Whether it’s finding opportunities to meet like-minded individuals and key characters, helping you discover and hone your own interests or simply allowing you to get closer to the natural world around you, we are thrilled to present you with this new tool and invite you to use it to embark on your next gardening adventure. Hopefully, you’ll write about it and share your experiences with us.

Ready to take the journey? Visit to get on your way.

Go to our Eventbrite page to find information about classes and events.

To learn how to connect with our Master Gardener Volunteers, visit our website or email them at





Posted: December 14, 2023

Category: Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Home Landscapes, Horticulture
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